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Women's Coin engages with key stakeholders in Edinburgh on the launch of Women's Coin Scotland.
Prof Christine Bamford to contribute to United Nations Decade of Women Forum n Reykjavik Iceland.
Women's Coin supports sustainable fashion. The Women's Coin Fashion show in Glasgow will demonstrating the talent in sustainable fashion micro businesses in Scotland set for June 2019. Watch this space.
Women's Coin to launch early 2019 in Scotland it's first product offering to regenerate and reward communities.
Rosie shares her story in Glasgow at the Yunus Centre of "bike into the unknown"… travelling on back of scooter in search of stones to make jewellery for Women's Coin Homabay women's micro-business start up #MorePowerToHer
Prof Christine Bamford to speak on "HumTech" at TBLI Stockholm - How Women's Coin will deliver against SDG 5 Women's empowerment.
Congratulations to Stepping Up participants - In 6 months 60% have achieved promotion !
The Global women’s Mayor Panel. Amazing vibe and authentic leadership shining through.
Women's Coin Looking forward to meeting our Glasgow colleague at the Yunus Centre on 15 November - fresh ideas and focused action.
Cisco hires more women and non white employees - they credit Textico augmented writing tool for making this happen. The tool helps people write job descriptions and job ads that resonate with diverse pool of people. Great stuff Cisco.
If you are at university and are able to set up a student-run society, please get in touch! We are looking to expand awareness to SC and SBH, and are willing to reward those who help us out. #studentblockchain #studentcoin
At Student Coin, we beieve it is about time students had the opportunity to make better use of their finances, and use their influence in all aspects of life. Do you want to bring about change? Check out #studentcoin #studentbockchain
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Iconic Landscape of Iceland fosters creativity and nature making an ideal location for formulating the vision for the year ahead for Women’s Coin. Ref Ralph
Kelsey Cole to become new Crypto Ambassador for Women's Coin. Kelsey has a track record in leading crypto innovations and successfully delivered an ICO reaching the target funding Women's Coin is delighted to welcome her to the team. #MorePowerToHer
Women’s Coin featured at Iceland Summit promoting United Nations SDG 5 Women’s Empowerment.
Jacque Cousteau’s grand-daughter shared their vision for regenerating oceans at summit in Reykjavík Iceland - Inspirational
Women's Coin invited by the Nobel Panel to join the ceremony to award Denis Mukwege and Nadua Murad the Nobel Peace prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.
Women's Coin to attend Al Gore, ex Vice President US key note address on Sustainability at Nobel Peace Summit.
Women’s Coin and Glasgow Caledonian University to explore Sustainable Fashion Show to promote Scottish sustainable Fashion.
Hello folks! We have been fairly quiet over the last week as we have been hard at work to further development of the Student Coin App and the company as a whole. Check out and keep an eye out for our posts to find out about what is to come. #studentcoin
Soon Women’s Coin will be listed and will run across trading screen. Excited to be here in Stockholm at Nasdaq!
From conversations that feed the brain to music feeding the soul TBLI Stockholm created an extraordinary event that engaged and enthralled # MorePowerToHer #TBLI
Stepping Up Diversity Leadership programme now open for applicants Visit Bristol City Council website for more information.
Rosie models the first necklace made by the orphaned girls in Homabay. Beautiful piece made even more stunning by the story behind the necklace. #MorePowerToHer
Women's Coin Loves GoHenry kids pre-paid cards - Looking forward to exploring possible collaboration with them.
Recommend BBC interview with Samantha Roddick. Samantha has an imagined conversation with her late mother inspirational Anita Roddick founder of Body shop. Anita was a true pioneer of sustainability, fair trade and organics sourcing of products.
Amazing gathering of women leaders and mayors from around the world. Women’s Coin proud to sponsor.
Prof Christine Bamford Moderating an amazing panel of women at the Global Parliament of Mayors including Cllr Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor, Penny Game, Caroline Hubbard, Mayors Network and Mayors Nan Waley, Dayton USA; Zandile Gumede, Celestine Ketcha Courtes, Cameroon
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#PROFESSOR IN #BLOCKCHAIN @MyBCU “We are at the infancy of the market and none of the existing incumbents will last a decade … there is no killer application of blockchain that demonstrates unequivocally the reason for mainstream adoption” #goodistrending
Please take note. There are a number of unverified tokens claiming that they are affiliated with Student Coin. The official Student Coin token ID is currently being developed and protected. The only place to invest securely is via the Seratio platform:
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Women’s Coin flies to Reykjavik to explore positioning of Women’s Coin Foundation Reference Ralf for photograph.
Prof Christine Bamford and Dr Jane Lewis meets with Fintech Scotland exploring Women's Coin in Scotland.
Prof Christine Bamford selected by 5TH Element to represent the United Nation SDG Goal 5 - Women's empowerment. Acknowledge photographer Ralph Reutimann.
Women’s Coin joins Nobel Forum leaders in Oslo at Al Gore Nobel lecture on climate change.
Women's Coin to participate in Al Gore past Vice President US forum on Climate change in Oslo.
Prof Christine Bamford and Dr Jane Lewis invited to attend Nobel Peace Awards in Oslo.
Participants present Stepping Up to North Bristol NHS Trust Board.Great support from Chair and CEO.
Prof Christine Bamford invited to attend UN Decade on Women in Reykjavik, Iceland on 13th December. Iceland Prime Minster face of Decade of Women Photographs by Ralph Reutiman & Amber Nystom
Women's Coin opens dialogue with business and policy makers to support Women on Board's fast track programme.
Women's Coin to trial Ethical leadership inventory in global technology company. Metric impact to shape commercial offering.
April said she felt a spiritual connection to the orphaned Homabay girls when she was modelling the necklace.
Prof Christine Bamford Women’s Coin moderating the Women’s Leadership event at Global Parliament of Mayors #GPMSummit # MorePowerToHer
Prof Christine and Dr Jane contribute to the GPM Annual Summit Women’s Leadership event.
Half of Ethiopia's cabinet are women cabinet are women after a reshuffle by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. New defence minister and the head of the new ministry of peace are both women.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find the benefits of being a student outside of the educational aspect. The Student Coin App will aim to change that, by offering users discounts and rewards on products that matter to them. #studentcoin #studentblockchain
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Completion of 7 year journey to develop the #Seratio EcoSphere- a world transacting on the optimisation of Total Value where both #Financial and Non-Financial Value are of equal importance and driven by our individual and collective #VALUES #goodistrending