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Women's Coin Education Foundation and WOCstar USA Fund to explore joint venture for an Anglo-American Diversity and Women of Colour initiative
PPMA Excellence Award for Diversity presented to Stepping Up team led by Prof Christine Bamford
Women’s Coin explores establishing a company in Malta. Under Virtual Financial Assets Act Women’s Coin can launch its digital currency.
Stepping Up and Women's Coin to share the amazing work being undertaken in Africa. Panel Members include Send a Cow charity, Zulu UWE project and Women's Coin - Event to be held on 24th June kindly hosted by Opus Talent Solutions. #MorePowerToHer @_ChrisBamford
Great that Women's Coin has it's HQ in Edinburgh - Looking forward to meeting amazing folk there this week!
Rosie Ochola, Women’s Coin Africa Director continues humanitarian work by providing a water tank for Homabay, Kenya from the sale of jewellery made in the village. #MorePowerToHer
Building on the amazing work of Mohamed Yunis, Gremlin Bank - Women's Coin brings a new generation of micro-financing to women-owned businesses. Blockchain ensure transparency of donations and assuredness of repayment through smart contracts. #MorePowerToHer @_ChrisBamford
Congratulations to Kelsey Cole, Crypto Ambassador engaged to act as Adviser for the establishment Donar Advised Fund.
Prof Christine Bamford presents CID UNESCO diplomas at Young’s Ballet School, Livorno Italy.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find the benefits of being a student outside of the educational aspect. The Student Coin App will aim to change that, by offering users discounts and rewards on products that matter to them. #studentcoin #studentblockchain
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Completion of 7 year journey to develop the #Seratio EcoSphere- a world transacting on the optimisation of Total Value where both #Financial and Non-Financial Value are of equal importance and driven by our individual and collective #VALUES #goodistrending
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Women's Coin "App" for Volunteering set to launch as a corporate and community product offer. Launch will take place during the Edinburgh Fintech week in September .
Women's Coin working in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University on a Blockchain Summit showcasing blockchain in business, supply chain and humanitarian work. @_ChrisBamford
Stepping Up participants develop mini Stepping Up programme to support Somalian women. Great to see greater profile of the Somalian community in Bristol.
Stepping Up Diversity Programme led by Programme Director Christine Bamford CEO Women;s Coin - shortlisted National PPMA People Management Diversity Awards.
Women's Coin and Zortrex data Security to showcase end to end token solution at forthcoming event in Edinburgh. Big shout out to Fintech Scotland and Napier University for their support. @_ChrisBamford
Women’s Coin proud to support Stepping Up final module Prof Christine Bamford says ”I am proud of each participant on the journey they have made over the last year”. #MorePowerToHer
A proud day today as Stepping Up participants receive their Graduation Certificates at City Hall. Presented by Marvin Rees, Mayor Cllr Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor and Prof Christine Bamford Programme Director.
Hello folks! We have been fairly quiet over the last week as we have been hard at work to further development of the Student Coin App and the company as a whole. Check out and keep an eye out for our posts to find out about what is to come. #studentcoin
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七年磨一剑,Seratio生态圈的开发即将完成——构建一个可以基于整体价值优化进行交易的世界,其间金融和非金融价值将同等重要,并由个体和集体的价值观共同驱动 #goodistrending
Andy Pritchard: Good morning. The market is still trading in a narrow out for breakout....have a great day x
Women’s Coin set to establish base in Malta to take forward European arm of the digital currency.
Malta now focusing on becoming digital island for distributed ledger technology Go Malta.
Institute of Trade & Development (Thai Government) hosts gender Equality Government Policy Makers from Thailand, programme for SriLanka , Malaysia and Mongolia. Women’s Coin featured as Specialist key note speaker. @_ChrisBamford
Winners wear yellow 😀 Prof Christine Bamford winner of South West Employer mentoring programme and Marina Traversari winner of individual Mentor - celebrate the power to wearing yellow! @_ChrisBamford
Stepping Out to Africa - Stepping Up participants and Send a cow to Africa to scope how as a Bristol Community we can, collectively support Africa to build self reliance. The "Conversation" will be hosted by Opus Talent Solutions and will take place early June. #MorePowerToHer
According to Ripple CEO "The current payment infrastructure was built before the internet with few updates - global payments are stuck in the 80's disco era. It's time for a refresh" @_ChrisBamford
Fab to be part of the creative design of Women if Iceland high profile gathering in Reykjavik in June.
If you are at university and are able to set up a student-run society, please get in touch! We are looking to expand awareness to SC and SBH, and are willing to reward those who help us out. #studentblockchain #studentcoin
At Student Coin, we beieve it is about time students had the opportunity to make better use of their finances, and use their influence in all aspects of life. Do you want to bring about change? Check out #studentcoin #studentbockchain
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