Student Coin is a payment system, powered by Seratio, delivering automatic discounts for students whilst applying non-financial values to our everyday transactions.

We aim to have an app which you will use for your everyday payments, ranging from your weekly shop to splitting the bill on a night out.

To bring investment opportunities to students, no longer are they the exclusive opportunity for the few.

If you are at university and are able to set up a student-run society, please get in touch! We are looking to expand awareness to SC and SBH, and are willing to reward those who help us out. #studentblockchain #studentcoin
Please take note. There are a number of unverified tokens claiming that they are affiliated with Student Coin. The official Student Coin token ID is currently being developed and protected. The only place to invest securely is via the Seratio platform:
With new #Students, brings new money, to empower students all around the world using the latest technology. Join the revolution in student spending with #studentcoin
At Student Coin, we beieve it is about time students had the opportunity to make better use of their finances, and use their influence in all aspects of life. Do you want to bring about change? Check out #studentcoin #studentbockchain… The official website for the Chinese roadshow. We will keep everyone up to date, via our social media and our websites, we'll also be vlogging our time in China. #studentcoin #blockchain
"As a group working as one, the student demographic can develop a voice to ultimately empower students and give them back control of their direction in both their personal and professional lives". Check out the Whitepaper at #studentcoin #Crypto #value