Student Coin is a payment system, powered by Seratio, delivering automatic discounts for students whilst applying non-financial values to our everyday transactions.

We aim to have an app which you will use for your everyday payments, ranging from your weekly shop to splitting the bill on a night out.

To bring investment opportunities to students, no longer are they the exclusive opportunity for the few.

With new #Students, brings new money, to empower students all around the world using the latest technology. Join the revolution in student spending with #studentcoin… The official website for the Chinese roadshow. We will keep everyone up to date, via our social media and our websites, we'll also be vlogging our time in China. #studentcoin #blockchain
"As a group working as one, the student demographic can develop a voice to ultimately empower students and give them back control of their direction in both their personal and professional lives". Check out the Whitepaper at #studentcoin #Crypto #value