A currency of value that gives women a voice, empowers through education and fosters a virtual cycle of investment and reinvestment in the things we hold dear. Our family, our lives, our health and wellbeing, our community, our country, our planet.

Virtually unhackable the currency offers the highest level of security and is a UK founded crypto currency. Women's Coin™ creates a virtuous market place for women to meet, share ideas, support and product offering. The Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF) supports UN empowerment principles, delivering access to education for women and girls worldwide through blockchain technology. The Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF) will also provide invaluable access to finance and business support for women’s small and medium enterprices.

Women on the Block Brooklyn style is coming to Bristol 1st October. Tickets will be available on Eventbrite. https://t.co/dDTX1jo2PZ
BLOCKCHAIN - Dr Joseph Reger| CIO Fjitsu Thought provoking session - great to see Blockchain as a breakthrough technology. pic.twitter.com/0BzCrrvw83
The latest roadshow in China, Student Coin and Womens coin were out promoting the application of blockchain technology. buff.ly/2zI8wPv
Feminism is not the opposite of patriarchy - but the access to equality for both women and men... Take control of your financial power today, and contribute to the creation of a gender-balanced society - womenscoin.com #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/TnY85gXzYZ
Mayor of Seol pledges support for Blockchain Technology to ensure transparency of votes in Re-Election Campaign. Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj pic.twitter.com/nk788LmSaR
Women's Coin WuWu headscarf - style 2 - will be crafted by girls, orphaned through AIDs, in Ndhiwa village, Homabay, Kenya Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/baseufDqp2
Women's Coin WuWu headscarf - style 1 - will be crafted by girls, orphaned through AIDs, in Ndhiwa village, Homabay, Kenya Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/EEoq27s7xy
Womens Coin and Mission Performance explore partnership offering on a kite mark standard of excellence for Ethical Companies wishing to promote that they ethically source products @MissionTeam. pic.twitter.com/Tc1pXzfcO7
由义乌市政府于6月29号举办的"区块链技术落地峰会",CCEG区块链开发主管、以太经典联合创始人Daniel、Women's Coin (womenscoin.com) 的Jane Lewis博士和时空旅者(timetraveler.tech)的Jurg Richards博士将作为主要的技术专家团队出席 mp.weixin.qq.com/s/6ctLbFDiWXyh… pic.twitter.com/ijeL16Sebe
Osnos (Forbes) comments "One of the Measurements Chinese women have of themselves is their financial success" Dr Jane will engage with female business leaders on her China tour on the power of a dedicated women's digital currency to their financial wealth" #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/tf2zJ3Knvn
Women’s Coin meets at the RSA London with Mission Performance and rflca to explore development of a kite-mark for ethical leadership. Ethically sourced products requires ethical leadership Women's Coin leads the way to provide a standard for businesses. #TeamWomenCoin pic.twitter.com/635TyxcM82
Australian Government announces plans to deliver Welfare Payments using blockchain Technology in 2019. Blockchain innovation continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj pic.twitter.com/9zXu0pSrPD
Women's Coin WuWu headscarf - style 3 - will be crafted by girls, orphaned through AIDs, in Ndhiwa village, Homabay, Kenya Visit womenscoin.com pic.twitter.com/RRysZBkFLl
“Great meeting BBC Breakfast Business Presenter Steph McGovern (middle) at Fjitsu World Tour - insightful overview of business, economy and skills gap” #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/6z9pij1KFj
Women's Coin WuWu headscarf - style 1 - will be crafted by girls, orphaned through AIDs, in Ndhiwa village, Homobay, Ghana Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/jBJkzVkbgg
Rosie Ochola goes to Kenya as Women's Coin Education Ambassador, She will set up a women's craft co-operative and though mobile devices will open up access to education, identity, payment … and more importantly hope and self-reliance! Follow Rosie's journey on social media. pic.twitter.com/r56PY7QExH
Bank of American Patents Blockchain Security Tools tokens (ie electronic keys) would grant access to certain users to grant access to certain information in a specific block - all automated so system would grant and track access. pic.twitter.com/ZBjr526Bj4
Dr Jane wow Chinese audience with Women's Coin ambitions for China to include prestigious red pre-loaded card for Graduations, Weddings and luxury goods - and on humanitarian front the establishment of women-owned small businesses in rural areas of China. #TeamWomensCoin pic.twitter.com/5fNzHcjYmS
Dr Jane Lewis goes to China ... Osnos comments 'The this of the last 30 years in China is that to get rich is glorious - that instinct is gender neutral" Womens Coin pre-placement opens up the option for all investors to be part of a financial success story. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/KqJmgWXPbH