A currency of value that gives women a voice, empowers through education and fosters a virtual cycle of investment and reinvestment in the things we hold dear. Our family, our lives, our health and wellbeing, our community, our country, our planet.

Virtually unhackable the currency offers the highest level of security and is a UK founded crypto currency. Women's Coin™ creates a virtuous market place for women to meet, share ideas, support and product offering. The Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF) supports UN empowerment principles, delivering access to education for women and girls worldwide through blockchain technology. The Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF) will also provide invaluable access to finance and business support for women’s small and medium enterprices.

Happy #IWD2018! A special thought to all the women standing for their rights around the world. A special thanks to our supporters, team members and ambassadors - women and men - joining forces to promote women's empowerment! Join the movement today! womenscoin.com pic.twitter.com/nMrS1yIrPG
Interesting discussion on how crypto currency can make changes to society twitter.com/womenscoin/sta…
Thought provoking & inspiring event with @womenscoin at the House of Lords this morning, exploring the impact of block chain/technology on women’s empowerment and the many social benefits. @draliv - be great to talk!
Feminism is not the opposite of patriarchy - but the access to equality for both women and men... Take control of your financial power today, and contribute to the creation of a gender-balanced society - womenscoin.com #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/TnY85gXzYZ
The Women's Coin is a secured and transparent solution to support women in need - Read more about the necessity of decentralised initiatives: 'Give aid money directly to women in developing world instead of charities' buff.ly/2tfLdJC' via @Independent #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/CrZipvMp0L
The team wish you a romantic Valentine's day! Whilst many celebrate as a couple today, the LGBT community still suffers from discrimination and limitation of rights around the world - join us to celebrate love and equality for all xxx womenscoin.com pic.twitter.com/dn4qgIIuZm
The power is in our hands! Use your financial power to promote equal rights, to contribute to the humanitarian actions of the WCFoundation, as well as to support the representation of women in every aspect of society! womenscoin.com #MorePowerToHer #FinTech #HumTech pic.twitter.com/K9JkFZOI1j
Thank you for attending the launch of the WCF at the House of Lords. We were delighted to have you as part of the conversation for women's empowerment via blockchain technology, and look forward to creating the change women need together. womenscoin.com pic.twitter.com/Jfk4CQ3wzP