A currency of value that gives women a voice, empowers through education and fosters a virtual cycle of investment and reinvestment in the things we hold dear. Our family, our lives, our health and wellbeing, our community, our country, our planet.

Virtually unhackable the currency offers the highest level of security and is a UK founded crypto currency. Women's Coin™ creates a virtuous market place for women to meet, share ideas, support and product offering. The Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF) supports UN empowerment principles, delivering access to education for women and girls worldwide through blockchain technology. The Women's Coin™ Foundation (WCF) will also provide invaluable access to finance and business support for women’s small and medium enterprices.

"Sharing an understanding of how global trends impact on Bristol" Asher Craig shares with Stepping Up participants, managers and mentors. pic.twitter.com/UjJ4THUjrk
Women’s Coin at an Armani launch with Shawn Mendes. Next generation with purchasing power, aspirations and a sense of social equality. buff.ly/2wS65VF pic.twitter.com/HKE6x7lXP5
Women's Coin Global Diversity Ambassador to speak at UN HQ New York SDG Finance focusing on Women's Coin impact on micro-financing and economic growth through blockchain for good. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/1Ujtk3c92m
Crypto-Kitties - crypto-collectable tokens on Blockchain - proves the case for global adoption of tokens. https://t.co/QoO4erXmVp
Stepping Up Diversity leadership programme in Bristol encouraging individuals who aspire to a leadership role but need special adjustments Great pic demonstrating how VR and AR can be used therapeutically. pic.twitter.com/7Lkkm780q7
Do something great today - donate your clothes, support vulnerable folk, help dig an allotment or just chat when you are having a cup of coffee. Little acts of kindness make the difference to others lives. pic.twitter.com/GumcGTHNXb
Rosie sorting donations for Africa. Help us break the cycle of aids by giving girls the opportunity of an education. Instead of marriage to an older man who will in all probability infect them with Aids http//womenscoin.com. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/B1dsp9BXJ0
Leadership Wednesday - coaching and mentoring deliver great results. Women's Coin Education Foundation to open up business start up mentoring as part of the humanitarian work in Africa. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/WRjc703ElJ
Employer alert Educate your workforce on the basics of Blockchain. Women's Coin Education Foundation to launch basic introduction to Blockchain and emergent technologies. First event on 1st October in Bristol|More details to follow. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/Q0VNrFef89
Women's Coin aim is to provide crypto/fiat app to enable seamless transfer of crypto into fiat so increasing the practical usage of women's coin digital currency watch for further news update buff.ly/2Luq1nj #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/Hm1euHvXfB
"Trending Ethical investing in society Global and Local" - Steph McGoven Fjitsu World Tour https://t.co/l2HZKIKxY9
Something has snapped|In the last year 965317 people have switched their bank account - reacting against branch and cash point closures. The time is now to consider alternatives - Women’s Coin is set to launch a new top up credit card more to follow. buff.ly/2Luq1nj pic.twitter.com/CHPhSCx6OA
Women's Coin is extending it's reach to Scotland opening dialogue with senior leaders in Government, Investors and Business. Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/GxAYEDHA2C
Great panel line up for Technology Panel| Dr Jane Lewis, WC Richard Male Corsham Institute Becky Sage Scientific Interactive. pic.twitter.com/ZZoKrvkOQS
Women's Coin Global Diversity Ambassador speaking in Tel Aviv this week. Opening dialogue on blockchain for good. https://t.co/hUzo5mF6P6
Women’s Coin Foundation and Scottish entrepreneur Bonnie Lawson-Brown founder Bonnie Bra celebrate women’s social impact at Mohamed Yunus Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University. pic.twitter.com/PQ1uajn8QK
Great news for Blockchain.According to sources World Bank launches bond on Blockchain Technology. https://t.co/UaK1KFI1KR
Women's Coin ICO takes shape look out for latest exciting news on the date for pre-ICO launch. https://t.co/L7vraBAIKu
Stop Press Womens Coin Education website going live in 10 days. Learn more about the work we are doing in Education. https://t.co/zLNJSuPV6O
Community Thursday key Women's Coin values: Self sufficiency is universal… Grow your own allotments in UK and crops in Kenya|Growing food as a community builds health and wellbeing. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/fPTVdqVrGX
Julian Stott and (Prof) Christine Bamford to speak at Stepping Up Global Trends Summit. https://t.co/27NdHKPwLW
Spiritual Sunday|It's recognised that Sunday is not everyone's day for spiritual contemplation but let's join cultures to create collective consciousness on the power that spirituality can bring to our lives. pic.twitter.com/PtnZ4ALXFm
Community Thursday key Women's Coin values: Self sufficiency is universal… Grow your own allotments in UK and crops in Kenya|Growing food as a community builds health and wellbeing. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/Z92lDsedWv
Does mentoring work? Women's Coin Diversity Programme shows it does through the Mentoring progression wheel illustrating mentees journey of improvement over 12 month period. Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj|Educat… Foundation page pic.twitter.com/zCsc7HGd91
BBC News Aid sector "almost complicit" in abuse scandal. UNICEF and UN lead the way in adopting blockchain for transparency and trust. Women's Coin champions blockchain for good visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj pic.twitter.com/BEqHd4PoAP
1 million customers switch bank accounts 30,000 insolvency highest since 2012 Households spent more than they earned for the first time in 30 years …. it's time for a fresh approach to financing. Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/eEoSUMZoU5
Women's Coin to help achieve the target of 50% of women as NEDs on public sector organisations. buff.ly/2mGY5SQ| Visit buff.ly/2Luq1nj pic.twitter.com/S1UZ31eGcY
Prof Christine Bamford to speak at Social Capitalist Conference in San Franscisco 24-26th October. https://t.co/1gIwrcPK9C
The U.K. Law Commission has launched research investigating reforms that would bring legal clarity to the use of blockchain-based smart contracts. pic.twitter.com/8Ndh9d80UL
In case you missed this| Women's Coin Global Diversity Ambassador to speak at UN HQ New York SDG Finance focusing on Women's Coin impact on micro-financing and economic growth through blockchain for good. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/up3eIbPLhU
The week is hectic with run-up to Stepping Up Global Trends Summit hosted joint venture with major employer MOD. https://t.co/7vrYin8Ei2
Prof Christine Bamford and Dr Jane Lewis to open dialogue with key stakeholders in Scotland on the impact of blockchain on the economic vitality of the country. pic.twitter.com/3WNBUdx8ix
Promoting synergy between Women’s Coin micro-finance for women and Mohamed Yunus ground breaking Gremlin Bank for micro finance. pic.twitter.com/PlTqhZfT0h
Going Green on Saturday|Sustainable living walls biotecture and hydoponic systems open up immense possibility for greening of the plant check it out buff.ly/2vAg6WK pic.twitter.com/J1UmmANZxV
Today is Leadership Wednesday| Fjitsu World Tour - Top Panel highlights the importance of Leadership in the fast moving technology space. pic.twitter.com/hmFWAJR1kd
Women's Coin to hold briefing on 28th August in Glasgow on the forthcoming Women's leadership programme "Changing Places" to achieve gender balance on Boards|link to Scotland's Equality and Human Rights buff.ly/2JOIZ6T pic.twitter.com/W6OqUt2Xtw
Coinbase has officially launched an index fund for cryptocurrencies to U.S. accredited investors who wish to invest from $250,000 to $20 million. Coinbase initially announced the index fund in March, which would allow investors to effortlessly buy a basket of coins traded. pic.twitter.com/DxIUWRrLQy
Women's Coin partnership in Scotland continues to grow - supporting Bonnie Bra technology start-up. More empowering for women who are at risk. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/N0bUtve2uN
Prof Christine Bamford and Dr Jane Lewis to explore the emerging blockchain sector and the establishment of the Founders Bank (crypto and fiat) in Malta. pic.twitter.com/t5XOPA8pm5
Honoured to be presenting Women’s Coin Foundation at the Mohamed Yunus Centre Nobel Peace Award for Founding Grameen. Band pioneering concept of micro-financing. Such synergy. pic.twitter.com/ZrBNevWRBA
Stepping Up cohort 2 starts soon in Bristol help us make a difference by volunteering to be a mentor to one of our Stepping Up Black, Asian and Minority ethnic leaders Leave a message on if you can help. pic.twitter.com/AV0bCOnYdX
Fabulous friday|Contemplation, creativity and fun with friends creates a balance to the end of the working week! Enjoy fun Friday. pic.twitter.com/hsyXUG3e1G
Women's Coin mobile app will include a "tap and donate" feature. Women will be able to support other women in challenging environments by donating a few cents/pence of their weekly food shopping spend. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/r8yZBSVmx5
News Update from New York Chamber of Digital Commerce released the first instalment of a comprehensive set of tokens and ICO guidelines. A must read for anyone in Fintech. pic.twitter.com/AXtqenFeBg
Democratising public administration through transparency and unalterable records will revolutionise voting processes. Visit Blockchain for good buff.ly/2Luq1nj pic.twitter.com/3tpJ925KLB
Dr Joseph Reger Fjitsu. “The future is already here it’s just not evenly distributed” https://t.co/nbkoGzDdF7
Office of National Statistics “Household deficit of £25bn pushing households into unsecured loans” Women’s Coin set to launch pre-loaded credit card - an alternative to debt crisis. #MorePowerToHer pic.twitter.com/0LAnPmqUsu
SOCAP is the world’s leading conference activating the capital markets to drive positive social and environmental impact – convening the marketplace at the intersection of money and meaning. Women's Coin will feature as a role model in the area of money and meaning. pic.twitter.com/8nTvLGmDAK
German Finance Regulator Chief Calls Blockchain “Revolutionary”| According to Coindesk, Felix Hufeld (chief of Germany’s financial watchdog) called blockchain technology “revolutionary”. He also stated that its applications could turn the entire financial sector “upside down.” pic.twitter.com/VrEw31lqAW